Don't miss out on those 5 activities during this Nuit Blanche!

Posted by CityParking Team on Mar 3, 2017 7:00:00 PM
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This Saturday is the annual Nuit Blanche of the Montréal en Lumière Festival, which means the subway stays open all night long and activities abound! Unfortunately the night bus schedule will remain unchanged, meaning only 1-2 busses per hour, but as Montrealer’s we don’t let a minimal bus schedules slow us down. To get you prepared for the evening ahead, here's a (very short) list of the activities that will be amazing!

1) Metro Berri-Uqam: Chai Masala at Camellia Sinensis. From 10PM to 1AM. Delicious free Chai Tea and music in one of Montreal's nicest tea houses.


📷: Nuit Blanche website

2) Metro Sherbrooke: Habitat Numerik (13$): Known for their amazing audio-visual futuristic exhibits, Habitat Numerik is showcasing how much things have changed in the last 50 years.


📷: Nuit Blanche's website

3) Metro Place-Des-Arts: Le cinéma repensé: Films d'Expo 67. This ONF x Cinéma du Parc collab wants to make us revive the hype and excitement surrounding the Expo 67 of Montreal! Showing us the avant-gardiste, futuristic cinéma of the era, we are truly reliving the 60s.


📷: Nuit Blanche's website


4) Metro Place-des-Arts: Belgo - Galerie Dominique Bouffard: The amazing artist from the Caribbean Eddy Firmin is showcasing his amazing work at the Dominique Bouffard Gallery. Showing us the ambiguous contrast between modernity and liberty, this is an exposition that you do not want to miss.


📷: galerie dominique bouffard's website

5)Metro Place-d'Armes: Jeux d'Évasion (7$): You think you can escape from la Chambre des mystères? You have 15 minutes to escape from one of the Montreal-themed room, can you do it?


📷: Nuit Blanche's website


If you have experienced Nuit Blanche you know it attracts thousands of people every year and after a long night of fun it's a pain to be stuck....... After visiting the art expositions all night long, do you really want to be stuck on the corner of Saint-Denis and Laurier while waiting for the 361 at 2am? Probably not, and we can help you with that! Thats where we can help, having spots close to metro stations and in central locations like St.Laurent, Place D'armes, McGill and Guy stations. Just reserve the parking ahead of time and then explore the beautiful city we all call home. It's an efficient and inexpensive way to have a fun night out!

See you guys at the festivities!