Curling, grilled cheeses and slides. Need we say more?

Posted by CityParking Team on Mar 6, 2017 5:21:56 PM
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As Montrealer knows, our city is full of exciting activities and we like to go out even during the week. Here's a list of the interesting events that are happening this week!


1) Art Souterrain in the Underground City: all week, all month long

Montreal is full of interesting architecture, artists and art geeks. The Art Souterrain want to showcase modern art in public spaces, and through Montréal en Lumière, they are setting up an exibit in Montreal's underground city. One of the most captivating exhibits in Montreal, we are really seeing how amazing and ingrained it is in our everyday lives.


📷: Montreal en Lumière website


2) Montreal Impact Vs the Seattle Sounders: 11th of March

The second soccer game of the season, Montreal is facing Seattle in an exciting home game this Saturday in Montreal's Saputo Stadium. The electric feel of the match is not something you want to miss! If for some reason you cannot make it to the stadium, you can watch it in sport bars and cafes like Champs or Cafe Olympico!


📷: Wikipedia

3) Curling en Lumière: 9th of March

Featuring Play by Play announcers, illuminated lanes and interactive lightings, bowling on ice, also known as curling for us Canadians, is one of the most interesting activities that's currently happening in Montreal. Slide stones and broom your way to victory in the festive atmosphere of Montreal's Place-des-Arts. 

Not interested by Curling but your friends are? Cheer them from the beautiful Radio-Canada Terasse!


📷: Montreal en Lumière website

4) Milk Family Fun Zone: 9th of March

Kids and adults can enjoy the cold winter too! Huge outdoor slides, educational games, amazing food, and Quebec cheese and milk based cocktails are all part of the fun! Try the grilled cheeses, they are amazing.



5) Lyon as the Featured City at le Balmoral (25$+tips for lunch, 40$ for dinner): 6th to 11th of March


Lyon has a rich, beautiful, traditional cuisine. Le Balmoral is hosting a Bouchon Lyonnais, serving traditional food by the famed Joseph Viola, who earned a Michelin star for their amazing restaurant Daniel et Denise. Go enjoy the magnificient Patés, saucissons and other traditional Lyonnais dishes at this Bouchon Pop-up.


📷: TripAdvisor

Want to attend those events but don't want to pay an expensive parking bill, or park far away from there?Thats where we can help. With parking spots close to metro stations and in central locations like St.Laurent, Place D'armes, McGill and Guy stations, you'll only ever be steps away from the attractions.

Enjoy your weekly activities!