Your favorite Irish Pub is packed during the Saint-Patrick's Parade? Here's a few alternatives.

Posted by Vincent Vuong on Mar 17, 2017 3:26:15 PM


The Saint-Patrick's week-end in Montreal is awesome; there's the parade, post-parade pints of Guinness, and of course all of the surrounding Irish pubs. The problem however, is just how quickly these bars fill up. So quickly in fact that it creates a huge line-ups at places like Hurley's, McKibbins and the Irish Embassy at only 3pm. That being said, there's a few amazing places downtown that are not as sardine-packed, and that can easily accomodate your thirst.

Please note that if you are drinking and do not have a designated driver, please do not drink and drive. CityParking have a few overnight spots that will allow you to park and get back home by public transport. Drinking and driving is a highly dangerous activity. 


1) Brutopia: 1219 Cresent Street

Great brewpub directly on Cresent where you can just swing right next to it if Hurley's is too full. They home brew amazing beers, and have some of the best pub food in the area. Brutopia is an oasis of beer geekness in a sea of average beer.

2) Moose Bawr

Not a British pub, this place serves decadent hot dogs, fried stuff and other bar staples. Fun Canadian themed bar just right off saint-Catherine. They give out free popcorn and it is a really cool bar.

Oh, they also serve Guinness, by the Beer boot.

3) Dominion Square Tavern: 1243 Metcalfe St

The Dominion Square Tavern is one of the nicest gastropub in town. They have a really elaborate, yet rustic take on working class British food, it showcases the complex history of the cuisine, while pouring and mixing some of the finest drink in the city. I highly recommend this place outside of the madness of Saint-Patrick's week-end.

4) Bier Markt Montréal: 1221 René-Lévesque Blvd W

Another Beer pub, located near the parade but just a major street down to be far enough from the chaos. It's near enough the parade for you to see the entire thing, but far enough that you might not have to deal with the crowds. With a straight-foward food menu, it allows you to enjoy a beautiful pint of beer from all around the world.

5) Hurley's, McKibbins and the other usual suspects.

It's Saint-Patrick's, at the end of the day, the lineups are part of the experience. Even if some people might try to discourage you to do so, you need to experience the Saint-Patty's madness at least once in your life.


Please stay stafe, don't drink and drive. Have a designated driver that will be willing to wait for you. Park at one of our spots, please enjoy your day, have a good time and have a designated driver drive you home. Or party on, park your car at one of ou spots, and come back tomorrow morning to pick it up.