Need a side Hustle?

Posted by Vincent Vuong on Mar 14, 2017 2:23:16 PM



Welcome to the age of side hustle! Today we have more ways to make cash on the side than we did a decade ago and based on what your financial goals are you can find multiple ways to pay for groceries, cover your insurance, go for expensive dinners or even save up for a great vacation deal.

Now side hustles don't just happen, you must pick what suits you best and that can consist of multiple options like contracts on freelancing sites, small tasks on sites like Fiverr and the more popular ones like Airbnb & Uber. Within this culture of hustling most popular category is the Sharing Economy. You can be a part-time landlord on AirBnB without owning an apartment or private driver on Uber and there's no specific skill set needed except politeness.

However, almost all sharing economy apps consume the most important currency that you own: Time! You need time to manage and to set up your apartment for guests on AirBnB, you must drive people around in your car for Uber which all translates to spending more time working, and having less time for yourself in this fast-paced world.

So how do we make more with the less effort and time spent? Look around you is there another asset than can do the hustling for you? We know of one and if you are reading this we are on the same page. Having a Parking Space means you are sitting on a self sustained hustle even if you are not in the core downtown area.  Even if you use the parking space yourself you probably leave it vacant for hours when you drive to work, take that long weekend road trip or even a few hours at a friend’s house.

Your driveway is one asset that doesn't need your time to generate income especially when you post it on CityParking. All you do is post your address, add a picture and decide when you want to rent it out, e.g. 830am - 5pm between Mon-Fri. Then we find you the drivers, we handle accepting all the cash and every 7 days you have the money in your bank. 

And there you go; you get the cash to do all those extra activities without sacrificing the time you would have needed to earn that side hustle!  


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