Parking Sucks, We Know

Posted by CityParking Team on Oct 31, 2016 10:30:00 AM
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We’ve all been there: Driving around in circles, desperately looking for a parking spot. Add being late on top of that, and finding parking can become the bane of your existence.


CityParking hopes to put this in the past. Our app puts private parking spots that are sitting empty to good use. CityParking allows users to rent parking spots from people who are not using them for much cheaper than a parking lot or garage could cost.




Add to Your Income

Follow the quick step-by-step guide to rent out your parking spot or driveway now.


Step 1

Download CityParking App

Step 2

Select the location of your parking spot

IMG_0216.png  IMG_0217.png

Step 3

Add photos and details of your parking spot

Step 4

Post the availability of your parking spot

 IMG_0218.png IMG_0219.png 

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