Winter Parking Tips

Posted by Rachel D on Dec 2, 2016 12:20:46 PM


Here are some parking tips to help you brave the white, blanketed, wintery months in Canada. 


1. Avoid Parking on the Street

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Parking on the streets may seem like the easiest way to find a spot close to your destination, but can instead become problematic during winter months. Snow plows need to get through, icy roads can make your car a target for accidents, and street signs covered in snow can be missed by drivers amidst the chaos. Try finding a place where both you and your car feel safe.


2. Carry Snow Removal Tools in the Car. Always.

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After having your car parked for hours to come back to find your vehicle covered in snow so you can't see out of our back windows... Sound familiar? Avoid the dangers of driving blindly and give your car a good brush before you hit the road.


3. Be Alert in Parking Lots

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An abundance of snow can bring out the worst in our driving and parking abilities. Most accidents take place in parking lots, and with slippery ice and piles of snow, accidents and car scratches can become a lot more common. Be sure to drive slowly and cautiously.


4. Pull your Windshield Wipers Up

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Pull your windshield wipers up and away from the car to prevent ice gathering and your wipers sticking to your cars windshield. This saves you time and prevents scratching. The less time spent in the cold taking care of our cars, the better! 


5. Lastly, Find A Comfortable Place to Park!

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Find a parking spot that feels comfortable and safe. CityParking allows you to park in people’s driveways, bringing you closer to your destination and further away from other cars and adversities. Let CityParking help relieve the anxieties of winter parking.





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